Dr. Shamim Rose: Clinical Lead for Prescribing

I’m responsible for...
I’m a GP in a practice in Garston and Clinical Lead for prescribing at Liverpool CCG.  I’ve been a police surgeon for the Merseyside Sexual Assault and Rape Centre since 2007, working on call every Monday and Thursday evening. Since 2005 I’ve been a GP Appraiser for NHS England and a mentor for fifth year medical students at the University of Liverpool.

My career began in
I came to Liverpool in 1984 as a medical student and graduated in 1990. I’ve held a number of positions over the years including roles as a junior surgeon and prison doctor. I’ve been working as a GP in Garston since 2004 and commissioning since 2012.

I like coming to work/my role because…
I work and live in Liverpool and see myself as a community person. 

Outside of work I… 
I have 4 children, parents, 5 siblings; my husband is also a medical professional.  Home life is very important to us. 

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