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Dr. Monica Khuraijam

My career began in

I graduated from Liverpool Medical School in 1995 and worked in a hospital setting until deciding to become a GP in 1999. I completed my GP training in Liverpool in Oak Vale and stayed to become a partner in 2001. I was elected as a GB member in May 2015.

I like coming to work/my role because…
I still enjoy coming to work everyday as each day is different, especially because of the different roles that I have. I work with a great team both in Oakvale and the CCG. It has been a challenge for everyone in the NHS to meet the current demands and what excites me is that we are trying to deliver great healthcare to everyone in the city of Liverpool regardless of the financial constraints we have. 

Outside of work I… 
I have a great supportive family who understands that they don't see me much in the weekdays, but we have fun at weekends.  I love cooking. My favourite way to relax is to cook a big family dinner whether it's a full roast with Yorkshire pudding (it's not a roast dinner without Yorkshire pudding) or an Indian, Chinese or Mexican. My favourite program is "Person of Interest" - you have to watch it if you've not seen it, and I love reading too. Myth and magic/science fiction genre is my favourite, I grew up with Lord of the Rings and if you haven't read Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time" I highly recommend it.