Dr. Simon Bowers: Chair & Clinical Director - Digital Innovation

I’m responsible for… 
I’m the Chair of NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, GP at Fulwood Green Medical Centre in South Liverpool and Clinical Director of the Digital Innovation.

My career began in…
After qualifying as a doctor in 1998, and then a GP in 2001, I worked in a number of roles including Chair of Liverpool Matchworks Practice Based Commissioning Group.

I like coming to work/my role because…
I’m a passionate supporter of the NHS and have always worked exclusively in public sector roles. I feel that the combined role of being a GP and a Clinical Commissioner gives me the best opportunity to improve health and wellbeing for the people of Liverpool; by designing services with patients at the centre. This has never been more vital as we enter very challenging times for the NHS

As Clinical Director of Digital Innovation I’m lucky enough to be working with an amazing team who are at the forefront of a new world for the NHS, which always seems to lag 10 years behind the rest of the world in technology.

Some of our current projects include; rolling out assistive technology city-wide to support people to live independently and profiling population and individual health risks through predictive analytics, enabling clinical teams to plan and allocate resources effectively. Too much paper is still used in the NHS which causes risk and delays to patient care. We will eliminate most of this.

Outside of work I…
Outside of work, I’m a dad to 2 energetic boys, struggle with the ordeal of following Liverpool football club and can be found often be found indulging in my mid-life crisis with local band Off The Pier. You can follow me on Twitter @SiBowers

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