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Our values and objectives


Our values

Our values underpin how we work as an organisation, involve our members and engage with members of the public:

  1. Inclusive: Recognising, respecting and celebrating differences, ensuring fairness and consistency.

  2. Together: Working across boundaries in co-production, recognising and valuing everyone's contribution and taking personal responsibility.

  3. Compassionate: Relationships based on supporting each other, trusting, listening and showing kindness.

  4. Progressive: Passion for improvement and innovation, doing the right thing and continually learning.


Our strategic objectives for 2020-21

  1. Commissioning for Better Health Outcomes

  2. Ensure Commissioning of High Quality, Safe and Responsive Services

  3. Reduce Health Inequalities

  4. Ensure Maximum Value from Available Resources

  5. Decisions that are Evidence Based and Evaluated for Maximum Impact

  6. Maintain the CCG’s Reputation and Safeguard Public Confidence


Our operational objectives for 2020-21

  1. Strengthen integrated arrangements with system partners to enable closer alignment of plans and governance

  2. Develop our workforce to ensure our people are equipped with the skills and knowledge to support delivery of the business plan

  3. Continue to improve performance, quality and safety processes so that services improve, and best practice can be shared to achieve a rating of good against the NHS Oversight Framework

  4. Prepare and deliver 2020/21 operational plan with clear trajectories, timeline and targets aimed at improving patient experience, quality and maintaining financial balance

  5. Work with Provider Alliance to support delivery of the operational plan whilst developing sustainable services for the future

  6. Develop a population health management approach to commissioning for outcomes based on population segmentation so outcomes-based contracts can be developed

  7. Support research and innovation to strengthen evidence-based commissioning using business intelligence, working with academic partners and harnessing patient insight through involvement 

  8. Ensure robust financial management processes in place to meet statutory responsibilities with a focus on maximising value

  9. Work with partners to embed policy that ensures most effective use of resources including estates and facilities delivering sustainable development