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February 2017

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
Click here (34594)   Of the patients on Oral Nutritional Supplements for your last full year, how many originated from the community, and how many from hospitals
Click here (34456)   NHS spending on patient transport services
Click here (34457)   Prevent Training
Click here (34645)   Implementation of NICE Technology Appraisal Guidance (TAG)
Click here (34903) Supporting Information Facial Palsy
Click here (34458)   Patient Transport and Ambulance Services
Click here (34649)   Podiatry
Click here (34648)


JL expenses

KS expenses

NF expenses

TJ expenses

Governing Body Expenses
Click here (34650)


Fertility Counselling
Click here (34891)


Implementation of N)ICE Technology Appraisal Guidance (TAG)
Click here (34897)


Sustainability and Transformation Plan
Click here (34899)


Primary Care Commissioning
Click here (34900)


Homeopathy Expenditure
Click here (34902)


Acupuncture Service
Click here (35061)


Click here (35059)


Referral management contract
Click here (35152)


IVF / Subfertility Policy
Click here (35108)


Technology Enabled Care Services
Click here (35063)


Liverpool Women's Hospital Equality Impact Assessment
Click here (35133)


Guidance against prescribing issued to GPs / GP surgeries
Click here (35241)


Procurement process for the provision of telehealth technology services
Click here (35239)


Community healthcare
Click here (35242)


Procurement process for the provision of telehealth technology services
Click here (35307)


IT system used by continuing health care team
Click here (35299)


Hip replacement devices
Click here (35303)


Photocopier Contract
Click here (35238)


MSK and Physiotherapy
Click here (35365)


Patient records
Click here (35309)


IT information
Click here (35419)


Click here (35418)


Ophthalmology AQP
Click here (35614)


NHS walk in centre providers
Click here (35421)


Partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry
Click here (35425)


Mental health treatments
Click here (35612)


Mental health complaints and spend


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