January 2017

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
Click here   Liverpool CCG staff contact details
Click here   Patient referral system
Click here   Services restricted or stopped by the CCG
Click here   Blood and Bone Marrow Transplantation
Click here   CCG GP Contact Details
Click here   IT and Cyber Security
Click here   Individual funding requests for Infliximab and Gainshare Agreements
Click here   Liverpool GP Groups
Click here   NHS funded nursing care
Click here   General Practice forward view plan
Click here   Liverpool CCG policies and strategies
Click here   Cost of breast implant surgery (including removal)
Click here   Services or pathways decommissioned or altered
Click here Spreadsheet Continuing Health Care
Click here   Accounts receivable / payable and associated software
Click here   Personal Health Budgets
Click here   Healthy Liverpool Programme
Click here   Stop smoking medications
Click here   Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP)
Click here   Patients referred to oral nutritional supplements by dietician
Click here   Translation / interpretation services
Click here   Drug funding policies
Click here   Out of hours GP service
Click here   Hospice funding
Click here   Email details of Clinical Lead for Substance Abuse and Misuse
Click here   Payments to Governing Body GP Practices
Click here   Vascular Services
Click here   Primary Care Dietetic Team
Click here   Contact details for continuing health care
Click here   Diagnosis of eczema in babies aged 0-12 months
Click here   Medicines marketed for the treatment of COPD
Click here   Financial incentives to GP surgeries
Click here   Procurement of HSCN Connectivity
Click here   Rebate schemes for blood glucose test strips
Click here   Budgeting arrangements for Enhanced Service Payments to General Practices in Liverpool
Click here   Staffing within the pharmacy department
Click here   IT and Cyber Security
Click here Spreadsheet Inpatient mental health rehabilitation services
Click here   Paediatric Continence


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