March 2018

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
46229 N/A CCG's Board Representation
46668 N/A CCG Staff Contact Details
45999 N/A GP access scheme
46793 N/A Info held by Liv CCG
46103 N/A CHC agency staff spend
47044 N/A Freestyle Libre System
47107 N/A Booking in-hour GP appointments
46661 N/A CCG GPs
47130 N/A Spend on dressings and bandages
47199 N/A Emergency contraception
46058 N/A Finance Payments
47287 N/A Walking Aids
43263 N/A GP Surgeries
47108 N/A Antenatal Education Providers
46664 N/A NICE Cataracts in Adults (Management) Guidelines
46693 N/A Access to PHB Survey
47290 N/A Wheelchair Service
47244 N/A Lymphoedema Service
47198 Specification Urea Breath Testing
47249 N/A Homeopathy
47292 N/A Homeopathy
47288 Liverpool Data Individual Funding Requests Data
47293   Right Care Methodology

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Primary Care Breaches GP Practices

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