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August 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments

Summary of Information Requested

60818 N/A Governing Body Members
60821 N/A GP Direct Access Pathology
60833 N/A Maternity Services
61071 N/A Patients in a vegetative state
61077 N/A Continuing Health Care
61099 N/A Stool antigen test
61118 N/A Primary Care Networks
61153 Data Sheet Continuing Health Care PUPoC Cases

Data Sharing Agreement 1

Data Sharing Agreement 2

Liverpool CCG's Information Governance Arrangements
61203 N/A Cerebral Palsy
61204 N/A Blood Glucose Meters
61238 N/A Individual Funding Requests
61346 N/A NHS Funded Procedures
61347 N/A IT provider for Liverpool CCG
61348 N/A Skin emollient products
61349 N/A Liverpool CCG Contracts
61367 Data sheet Individual funding requests
61431 N/A Primary Care Networks
61433 N/A Continuing health care
61501 Completed Survey All Party Thrombosis Group - VTE prevention & Management
61502 N/A Glaucoma
61503 N/A Childrens Services & Adult Social Care Teams
61504 Structure Chart Organisational Chart of Heads of Service
61505 N/A Primary Care Networks
61543 Data Sheet Individual funding requests
61580 N/A Expenditure on external consultants
61644 N/A GP enhanced service contracts
61647 N/A IVF
61668 N/A Continuing health care