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December 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments

Summary of Information Requested

64169 N/A  Urology product formularies
64206  N/A  Children & Young People's Mental Health Provision
64228 N/A Mental Health
64231 N/A Mersey Care
64249 N/A Ophthalmology
64256 N/A Diabetes Education
64374 N/A Cannabis for medicinal use
64403 N/A Out of area mental health placements
64412 N/A Dental implants
64416 N/A Primary Care Networks
64425 N/A MSK services
64431 N/A Declarations of interest
64440 N/A MSK Services
64441 N/A Drug & alcohol services
64444 N/A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
64483 N/A Medicines in care homes
64510 N/A Average waiting times
64520 N/A Primary Care Networks
64521 N/A Primary Care Networks
64553 N/A HR and processing of organisation staff
64638 N/A Paediatric Services
64657 N/A Continuing Health Care
64658 N/A Continuing Health Care
65066 N/A Continuing Health Care