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September 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG

Response Letter Attachments

Summary of Information Requested

61725 N/A Primary Care Networks
61775 N/A Pirfenidone
61779 N/A CCG expenditure over £25,000
61803 N/A Tier 3 Weight Management Services
61912 N/A Primary Care Networks
61913 N/A EU Exit implications to the CCG
61922 Spreadsheet Continuing Health Care
61967 N/A Patient Appointment Reminders
61987 N/A Continuing Health Care Funding
62053 N/A MP correspondence
62126 Spreadsheet Termination Costs
62221 N/A Waiting Times
62243 Spreadsheet Deaf mental health provision
62319 N/A CCG Governance Arrangements
62373 Spreadsheet Eating Disorder Providers
62376 N/A Primary Care
62377 N/A CCG costs for EU Exit readiness
62401 N/A Medicines Management
62405 N/A Management of low back pain
62459 N/A Cataract Procedure