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July 2021

Response letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
67834 N/A CHC retrospective claims
67876 attachment Outsourced services technology
67885 N/A NT-pro BNP testing
67886 N/A Dermatology
67897 attachment Disease rates
67918 N/A CAMHS referral
67926 attachment Drug rebates
67928 N/A Contact details Liverpool council
67940 N/A PCN membership
67943 N/A GP practice mergers
67959 N/A Windows IT systems
67966 N/A Autism services
67967 N/A BHP
67974 N/A Adult acute dermatitis
67975 N/A Mental Health inpatient services
67980 N/A Liverpool GP Federation
67991 N/A Chief of staff role
67996 N/A Telephony
67998 N/A IVF
67999 N/A Mental Health Inpatient Services
68011 N/A Blood glucose monitors and strips