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Asking for views on language services in the local NHS - interpreters, translated and alternative format information



NHS Liverpool CCG is looking at improving language services in the local NHS for those who need interpreters, translations, or information in alternative formats.

Currently, NHS Liverpool CCG commissions language services for GPs in Liverpool, Sefton CCGs commission them for Sefton GPs, and each of the local NHS Trusts commission their own services too. However this can lead to variations in the quality and consistency of these services being provided to those who depend on them.

We are now looking at introducing a more consistent approach to contracting arrangements across the whole local healthcare system - covering local NHS hospitals, GPs, out of hours GPs, community healthcare, and mental health services.


About this engagement

We would like to understand what is important to people who use language services to make sure we get the arrangements right and improve standards.

We already have some feedback but want to build on this knowledge and check our proposals.

In order to do this, we want to gather a wide range of views from NHS colleagues, service users, VCSE organisations, and language interpreters/translators.

Click here/the image below for this information in British Sign Language (BSL).



We have developed a series of online questionnaires which we are inviting services users, health professionals, community organisations and service providers to take part in, as relevant.

We will seek views from early October until Monday 2 November 2020.

If you are someone who needs support to communicate with NHS staff, such as interpreters, translations, or information in alternative formats, please fill out the following survey:

Online Questionnaire for Patients or Service Users

(Please scroll down this page for versions of this survey in other languages and formats.)


If you are a health professional, member of a community organisation or someone who provides interpreter and/or translation services, please fill out the relevant survey for you below:

Online Questionnaire for Health Professionals

Online Questionnaire for Community Organisations

Online Questionnaire for Language Interpreters/Translators


One-to-one conversations

In addition, we will also be conducting some one-to-one conversations with a range of health professionals in GP practices and NHS Trusts to help supplement this.

If you are a health professional working in Liverpool or Sefton and would like to register your interest in this, please email:


VSFSE engagement

In addition, the CCG will be working closely with some local voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise partners to help us ensure we gather the views of different people across the city’s diverse communities. 


Next steps

All of the information gathered will be used to help inform a new service specification where we set out the standards we require in providing these services. The tender/bid process will run from December 2020 to March 2021 to provide the new service from June 2021. .


Other languages & formats

You can fill out the survey for patients and service users electronically in English or another language or format and email it to Please use the links below to download the survey in the following languages and formats:

You can also request a paper version of the questionnaire (for service users) in English or another language or format by calling: (0151) 247 6409, texting: 07920 206386 or emailing:

If you need help filling out the survey, please use these contact details to get in touch and we will arrange for someone to go through the survey with you / input your answers on your behalf if needed.

You can also use these contact details to request this material in other languages and formats that aren't included above:

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При поискане можем да ви предоставим превод.



Překlad je k dispozici na požádání.

ﺗرﺟﻣﮫ اﯾن ﻣﺗن در دﺳﺗرس اﺳت.

Erre vonatkozó kérés esetén fordítást tudunk biztosítani.


Tłumaczenie dostępne na życzenie.

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Traducere disponibila la cerere.

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Promotional resources

Below are a series of resources for use in helping to promote this engagement: