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Changes to Ordering Repeat Prescriptions - Summer 2018


What is changing?

The NHS in Liverpool is making some changes to the way that repeat prescriptions are ordered.

From summer 2018 you will no longer be able to use a third party such as a high street or internet pharmacy to order repeat prescriptions on your behalf. Instead you will need to order repeat prescriptions directly from your GP yourself.

If you already order repeat prescriptions directly from your GP then you will not be affected by this change, and you do not need to take any action.

Please note: This change does not affect how you choose to collect your medication, only how you order it. You will still be able to arrange for a high street or internet pharmacy to collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice and deliver medication to your door.


How can I order my repeat medication?

GP Online – You can use GP Online Services to order your medication straight from your computer or smart phone. Please ask at your GP practice for more information about how to do this.

In person – You can hand in the white, tear off part of your repeat prescription to your surgery, or ask at the reception desk for a repeat prescription request form.

By post – You can post the white, tear off part of your repeat prescription to your GP, or put the request clearly in writing with your name and date of birth.


Remember: Always check how many days of medicine you have left before ordering a new prescription. 

We recommend that you order when you have seven days of medicine left.

This is because your GP practice needs 2–3 working days to issue a prescription, and then your pharmacist needs 2 working days to order any stock and prepare your medication after receiving your repeat prescription.


Why is this happening?

To improve patient safety -  Sometimes when medications are ordered on your behalf you might continue to receive medication that you no longer need. Only ordering medication when you need it, can help prevent the build-up of unused medicine at home, which has to be stored safely and used within date.

To reduce waste and save money - It is important that NHS money is used as efficiently as possible. It is estimated that over-ordering, stockpiling and not using medication, costs the local NHS around £2.5 million per year. This is money that could be better used to benefit the health of more people in Liverpool.


Where can I get more help? 

If you have any questions about this change, or if you need any extra support ordering your repeat prescription, please contact your GP practice or pharmacy to discuss this further.


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