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Dr Mangarai's Practice


About the changes

In early November 2019 NHS Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wrote to patients at Dr Mangarai’s GP practice which was based in Speke to let them know that the two GP partners who ran the practice had given notice on their contract and would stop managing it by March 2020.

Dr Mangarai’s GP practice was one of three separate GP practices operating out of Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre, and had around 2,500 registered patients. 


What options were explored?

The CCG felt that the best option would be to transfer all of Dr Mangarai’s patients to the two other GP practices based in Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre, Drs S and A Thakur, and Drs Singh and Bicha. This was because it was in the same location and would cause minimal disruption for patients. Both practices were run on permanent contracts and rated ‘good’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). 

The other possible option that was considered was setting up a new contract for a new provider to take on all of patients at Dr Mangarai’s practice. However since the CCG could only offer a fixed-term contract under NHS business rules, it was felt that this could cause the potential for further uncertainty for patients at the practice in the future.


How we engaged with patients 

The CCG wrote to all patients at Dr Mangarai’s GP practice to present these options and invited people to share their views so that this feedback could be used in the CCG’s final decision-making. 

People were given the opportunity to share their views in a number of different ways, including via phone, email, SMS, letter or by attending a drop-in session at the practice.


What patients told us

Only a very small number of patients (26 in total) contacted the CCG to offer their feedback. Most people who shared comments said that they wanted to transfer to another GP practice in the same building, and/or to express a preference for the practice they wished to be transferred to.

The below engagement report summarises the feedback provided by patients in more detail.

Download report


Final decision

In January 2020, NHS Liverpool CCG took the decision to transfer the majority of Dr Mangarai’s patients to the other two other GP practices in Speke Neighbourhood Health Centre. In addition, a small number of patients who live outside of the boundary of these two practices will be transferred to a GP practice closer to their home address.

The CCG wrote to all patients registered with Dr Mangarai’s practice to advise them of their new GP practice and the date from which this change became active (29 January 2020). 

Patients were also informed in letter about how they could choose an alternative GP practice, if they preferred this option.