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Continuing healthcare

1st April 2015

NHS England has today published the refreshed NHS Continuing Healthcare – Redress Guidance. This Guidance refreshes the guidance on redress for NHS CHC cases published by the Department of Health in 2007, as the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) revised its own guidance “Principles for Remedy” on this area and the refreshed Guidance reflects this.

The refreshed Guidance maintains the same basic principles of fairness that have always applied; that is to ensure that individuals are put back in the financial position that they should have been in whilst ensuring that individuals do not gain from the public purse. The Guidance does not remove the requirement for CCGs to consider the specific circumstances of each individual case when determining the appropriate level of redress.

Now published, this Guidance applies with immediate effect from the date of publication, and will apply to cases where an eligibility decision for NHS CHC has been made and the need for redress has been identified by the CCG. The PHSO is aware that this Guidance has been developed.

The refreshed guidance can be found on NHS England website.