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Questions about second doses


How do I get my appointment for a second dose?

If you booked your first appointment through the national NHS Booking System on and/or received your first dose at the regional vaccination centre or at a local pharmacy or hospital, you should have been invited to make a second appointment when you booked the first. If you didn't for any reason, you can go online and book your second dose now.

If you received your first dose of the vaccine through a local GP-led site in Liverpool, you’ll be contacted around a week and a half before your second dose is due and asked to make an appointment. This process is in place to make sure that the appointments offered to patients at GP-led sites match up with vaccine availability.

If you haven’t been contacted a week before your second dose should take place (i.e. 11 weeks after your first dose) you should contact your GP practice for help.


How soon after my first vaccination, will I get my second dose?

In line with the latest JCVI and government guidance, the NHS is now contacting people most at risk of getting seriously ill from coronavirus (cohorts 1-9) to offer an earlier appointment for second doses.

People in these groups will now be able to have their second dose between 8 and 12 weeks, instead of the 11 to 12 weeks specified in previous guidance.

More information on this is available at:

For everyone else, the guidance continues to be that a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine should be given between 77 and 84 days (11 to 12 weeks) after the first under the NHS. This applies to both the vaccines currently being used (AstraZeneca and Pfizer).


What should I do if I already have a second dose booked for 12 weeks, but am now eligible to get it at 8 weeks?

You don't need to do anything. The NHS is working really hard to ensure people in cohorts 1-9 receive an appointment at 8 weeks, or as soon as possible after that date.

The National Booking Service is now contacting everyone who booked through ( or 119) to re-book an earlier appointment.

If an individual booked and received their first dose of the vaccine through a local GP-led service, that team will also be in contact with details about booking a second dose soon.


Can I rebook an appointment through the National Booking System myself?

Yes you can, although if you have a second dose appointment that is very soon, we would recommend keeping that appointment.

Where people do want to book an earlier appointment themselves rather than waiting to be contacted, they should: 

  1. Go to and click on book or manage your Covid-19 vaccination
  2. On the main booking page, click on manage my appointments
  3. Enter your personal details and then the booking reference for your existing second dose appointment. This can be found in your text or email confirmation of your booking if you provided your contact details.
  4. When you are in your appointment page, in order to book an earlier appointment, you will first need to cancel your existing appointment by clicking on cancel appointment. NOTE: It is not currently possible to see what other appointments are available until you have cancelled your existing appointment.
  5. When you have cancelled your appointment you can book a new appointment. Any new appointments offered to you will be in line with the new JCVI and government guidance (ie. 8 weeks after your first dose appointment or as soon as possible after that).

People can also ring 119 and speak to a call handler to re-book appointments on - the call handler will need to cancel the existing appointment before seeing what time, date and location options are available for booking an earlier appointment.


What happens if I am out of the area/country when my second dose is due?

If you are aware that you will be away and unable to access your second appointment, please contact your GP practice to inform them of this so that they can explore other options for you.


Why do I need the second dose?

Although the majority of protection comes from the first dose, having your second dose is still extremely important too as it will improve and prolong your immunity - so please don’t skip your second dose.


If I am invited to a different vaccine site location for my second dose, will the staff there know which vaccine I’ve already had? 

Yes. All vaccination sites have access to the same patient record system and you will be given a second dose of the same vaccine you received for your first.