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Criteria Based Clinical Treatments

Last updated May 2019

The Criteria Based Clinical Treatments (CBCT) policy describes the eligibility criteria under which Merseyside and Cheshire CCGs commission treatments or interventions classified as ‘Criteria Based Clinical Treatments’ (CBCT).

The term Criteria Based Clinical Treatments, refers to procedures and treatments that are of value, but only in the right clinical circumstances. Previously, they were referred to as Procedures of Low Clinical Priority (PLCP) or the Liverpool Commissioning Policy.

You can find Frequently Asked Questions relating to Criteria Based Clinical Treatments (CBCT) policy and funding applications here.

You can also view The Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Funded Treatment for Subfertility policy which describes circumstances in which the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will fund treatment for subfertility as defined within the policy.

We are currently in the process of reviewing over 100 policies for routine health treatments and procedures to reflect the latest medical evidence about what works and what does not work for patients. You can find more information on this review of local health policies here.